• For Men, Women, Boys & Girls
  • Bangs or Fringe
  • Change of Style for Men & Women
  • Take expert advice from our Color Expert and enjoy New Look
  • Color Highlights
  • Global Color (Full Hair) for Men & Women
  • For Men & Women
  • Permanent Waves
  • Smoothening Hair
  • Natural Straight Hair
  • The very latest technology to create the most natural looking hair with KERATINE & CYSTINE treatment.
  • Hair Wash and Blast Dry
  • Hair Wash and Blow Dry
  • Ironing and Tong Curls
  • Elegant Evening Hairstyles
  • Hair repair for dry and damage hair strengthens, reconstruct & detangle the hair gently & deeply moisturizes the hair-shaft, reduces frizz & gives glossy shiny hair.
  • With active cleansing & hydrating properties works on cuticles and cortex level giving nourishment to hair.
  • Structure
  • Analyses, clean, treat, stimulate and activate, advance technology treatment which removes visible Dandruff.
  • Hair Peel, Light Massage, Shampoo, Conditioning of hair + Hi-frequency treatment for stimulation of scalp to stop Hair fall.
  • Hair Peel to Clean Scalp, Light Massage, Shampoo & Conditioning of Hair, Hi-Frequency treatment for stimulation of scalp to increase Hair growth with Hair tonic.
  • Purifying Shampoo, Apply Nourishing Cream, Head Shoulder & Back Massage accordingly pressure, it’s call -(Anti Stress Massage)

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